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Feb. 21 – Club Contest

Written February 26th, 2012
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International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Something new happened in the club’s history. Mark, Don, and I were the contestants in the Evaluation Contest. All three of us were disqualified for going over time, which means we spoke longer than 30 seconds after the timing light turned red. The anecdotal value of this event and its contribution to club lore may offset our disappointment that we can’t send anyone to the Area Contest to represent the club in that category now. (Mark won the most votes.) Well, we are all there to learn, and we were reminded that the contest rules are unforgiving on this point. (What are the odds that all three contestants would …!)

Our contestants for the International Speech Contest were Kathleen, Lisa, and Bill. Kathleen’s speech about the power of small change over time will stick in my memory. Thanks to her, I put a hula-hoop and Orange Glo on my shopping list. Lisa’s speech celebrated her first year in Toastmasters. She was terrified of speaking before a group when she started. Now she’s only frightened. I loved this funny speech that required her to read from her notes and cling to the podium, all the while we were inspired, as she is, to continue practicing to gain better skills and more confidence.

Bill, pictured above with his 1st place award, won the contest with his speech “The Luckiest Family on Earth.” Hearing this speech is something you just should not miss. And you have a chance to hear Bill’s speech when he represents our club at the Area 43 Contest.

The winners from all the clubs in Area 43 will compete on March 9th. 5:30 potluck dinner, 7:00 contest begins, at the Medical Arts Center in Renton, WA.­­­ All are welcome.

Thanks to Ted, the Contest Chair; Sherry, the Toastmaster; Franni, the Chief Judge; and Julie, our guest speaker. With their help we had a well-run and organized contest.

We had three guests. We love guests.

Our next meeting is March 6th.

Sue, Past President

Feb. 7 – La Niña, Not!

Written February 12th, 2012
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking

Meeting highlights:

Bill, our Toastmaster, had us sharing wild, wet, snowy, or tropical weather anecdotes throughout the evening.

Nick’s Table Topic questions were tough but fun: “In a rainstorm, your car stalls on I-5 just before your exit during the morning rush hour. How do you feel? What do you do?” Yikes.

In her speech, “The Florestine Collection,” Amie told us the story of experimental filmmaker Helen Hill. Helen’s chance discovery changed the course of her life. Go here for Helen’s story:

Bridget’s “New Year’s Resolutions” speech gave us reasons why we make them. For one thing, we have time off work for the holidays and get a chance to reflect. An insight for better success is to avoid “punishment” resolutions that we later rebel against – even though we’re rebelling against ourselves. My resolution was “I’ve GOT to lose 10 pounds,” but now it’s “How can I add more fruits and vegetables to each meal?”

We had four guests. For the benefit of our guests, all our speakers enjoyed giving a quick explanation of their meeting roles. We love guests.

Our next meeting, February 21, 2012 will be a Club Contest. Come see what a contest is like.

Save the date: March 6 is the first meeting in March.

Sue, Past President

Jan. 31 – Ben Franklin’s Belated Birthday

Written February 5th, 2012
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking

Our January 17th meeting (on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday) was rescheduled to the 31st because of the snowstorm.

Here are some highlights: Mark’s Tip of the Day included a handout that lists books and websites on how to use PowerPoint to do amazingly cool things. Franni’s speech had fun with a book on “How to do Anything,” and pointed out “stuff we’ve already learned on our way to becoming a person.” Jacki’s speech got me motivated to pull out my wallet to help save our Victorian gem, the Conservatory at Volunteer Park.

Lisa’s Table Topics used Ben Franklin’s sayings to make us think on our feet. Don, our Toastmaster for the evening, kept things lively.

Don’t miss our next meeting, February 7, 2012.

We had two guests. We love guests.

Save the date: 832 Club Contest, February 21st

Sue, Past President

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