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March 20 – Spring Ahead

Written March 29th, 2012
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking

For our March 20th meeting, Toastmaster Franni’s theme was Spring Ahead!

To open the meeting, Laura as Jokemaster told a few one-liners about Daylight Savings Time. In her opinion, DST is just a secret plot on the part of morning people to make night people get out of bed an hour earlier.

Amie described the roles in the meeting and the officer roles with assistance from members of the club who have performed those roles. Amie’s dog, Rikka, made a guest appearance in the PowerPoint illustrating many of the officer roles.

Mark explained that dogs use their senses of smell and hearing before their sense of sight. They have a wide field of vision to the sides, but not binocular vision to the front. If you learn how your dog sees, you can take better care of your dog. Mark’s dog is Pip, a Westie.

Kristine told us that adverse drug reactions to properly prescribed medications kill a 747’s worth of people every 34 hours. Genetic factors play a role in how each person metabolizes medications. It’s a major problem but solvable, and your doctor can do pharmacogenetic testing for you.

Nick asked a selection of members some questions about time. Lisa, Sherry, Karen, Patrick, Bridget, and Kathleen all took a minute to respond.

Our guests said that it was interesting and detailed, and that we were warm and welcoming. Please join us at our next meeting on April 3rd!

Laura, Club Secretary

March 6 – Super Duper

Written March 12th, 2012
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking

For our March 6th meeting, Toastmaster Judy’s theme was “It’s Super Duper Tuesday!”

Bill spoke about being on vacation in Mexico. Seeing a poor child asking for money reminded him of Blake Mycoskie, who founded TOMS shoes. TOMS is a One for One company that gives away a pair of shoes for every pair sold. So far they have given away one million pairs of shoes. Next time you buy a pair of shoes, please consider TOMS!

Mark reminisced about his trip to Italy with his wife Kay. Their tour guide, Gabriella, showed them the Vatican. Mark says a leader is a person who says, “I found this cool place; I’ll take you there.” A leader is enthusiastic and communicates that enthusiasm to us, to show that the journey might not be easy but it will be worth the effort.

Karen showed us a list of recent elections for Table Topics. She asked us to choose one and describe whatever recollections it evoked. Laura, Lisa, Mark, Sherry, and Amie each told a story.

One of our guests said that she didn’t know what to expect and that she was really impressed with what all we do.

We love guests, please visit our club!

Laura, Club Secretary

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