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April 3 – Belated April Fools

Written April 11th, 2012
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Our theme was “A Belated April Fool’s Day” and Toastmaster Ted introduced each speaker with some information about them, perhaps embellished just a bit. Our Grammarian Kathleen’s Word of the Day was Veracious, or Veracity.

Nick’s time management Tip of the Day was to set an egg timer for how long a task should take, to keep track of how much time it really takes.

Don, our Jokemaster, told a family story about a mother with four sons and their holiday presents, especially the parrot.

Karen told us about working for the Space Telescope Science Institute, getting married and traveling for six months around the world, volunteering for the West Seattle Food Bank, Steve Jobs’ thought that you have to trust that the dots will connect going forward, and through it all, wove the theme of vision and perseverance.

Sherry talked about having core values for relationships that give you a moral compass and guide your internal conduct and relationships with the outside world. Toastmasters’ core values are respect, service, integrity, and excellence. She gave us a personal core values checklist for inspiration in using these values for our own decisions.

Franni told us about her family law practice and her passion for her work. She told a story about her dad John and his passion for words, and her law dad Bob and his passion for the law. She said if you find yourself battling, embrace that which you care about, and it will make you stronger.

Judy asked us to choose a book and a question. She said that the audience does not have to accept the veracity of our story! Don Gorman, Laura Grove, Nick Webb, and Jacqueline McCarthy all contributed a story that may or may not have been true.

We welcome visitors to join us for jokes and speeches! Toastmasters is the perfect place to start improving your public speaking skills.

Laura, Club Secretary

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