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May 15 – Officer Elections

Our theme was “Officer Elections” as this is the time of year we bring on our new Officer team! Our Toastmaster Jacqueline encouraged us to vote in our club’s elections, and also in our country’s elections. The Tip of the Day was brought to us by Toastmaster Magazine, one of the perks of Toastmasters membership. Laura described the great articles in the May issue. Mary, as our Grammarian, gave us “Quiddity” as the Word of the Day.

Mark explained to us how to compose and deliver an effective evaluation by commenting on technical proficiency and making suggestions for improvement. The goal is to express the listener’s pleasure in hearing the speech and build the speaker’s self-esteem.

Amie demonstrated different vocal styles, and recommended that we listen to a recording of ourselves. She gave us many useful suggestions on how to moderate the sound of our voice in our speeches.

Sue told us about Otto Knab who escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Elderly and living in a nursing home, he was visited by a dear friend. When the nurse told his family about the friend they could not explain it – the friend had died in 1942, executed by the Nazis.

For our extemporaneous speaking segment, Theresa gave us a theme and an iPad to shake to get three words to use in our table topic speech. Don, Richard, Bill, and Laura all took the iPad out for a spin.

We would love to see lots of guests at our Guest Night on May 29th!

Laura, Club Secretary

May 29th Guest Night – Maximize Your Meetings: How to Conduct Productive Meetings

Written May 24th, 2012
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All of us have to conduct a meeting at some point: a PTA meeting, a neighborhood block meeting or a special event honoring a friend. Award-winning speaker Franni Turean will present a workshop that helps participants develop their creative thinking abilities and then direct those abilities to leading great meetings. Plus a bonus presentation by Mark Morden on creating a positive climate for your meeting.

Although this isn’t a typical Toastmasters meeting, it’s your chance to see two very advanced speakers completing their educational goals. Franni’s presentation will run approximately 1 hour, Mark’s will run approximately 20 minutes. Due to time constraints we will not have all of the pieces of the meetings that we usually have, forgoing the joke, tip of the day and table topics. We will however have two great evaluators, Kristine Ashcraft and Sue Cook, and an accomplished General Evaluator, Don Gorman. This meeting is not to be missed.

Light refreshments will be on hand.

Attend this special Guest Night-all are welcome! 6:30-8pm

May 1 – May Day Brings Flowers

Written May 9th, 2012
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Our theme this week was “May Day Brings Flowers,” chosen by our Toastmaster Judy, who brought beautiful bouquets for our best Speaker, best Table Topic, Best Evaluator, and Most Improved speakers. Sherry, our Jokemaster, told a joke about a hungry shark. Kristine, who gave the Tip of the Day, said that you can get better at almost anything you want to, including public speaking – why not? Lisa, our Grammarian, gave us “nebulous” as the Word of the Day.

Karen told us about an article titled “Caring for Your Introvert.” Introverts can be described as people who feel good with less stimulation, and who need time and space to be creative on their own. The article concluded, if you see an introvert lost in thought, do not interrupt them!

Theresa described the life of Abraham Lincoln, who endured the loss of family and friends early in his life. He spent much time alone and his friends thought he was crazy. His law partner told him to make up his mind, and he decided he wanted to live to accomplish something of greatness for his generation. At that time, gloom and genius were considered to go together.

Sue told us the story of a pioneer family who had traveled from Pennsylvania to Colorado. They had three little girls and lived in a cabin. One night it rained so hard that they took shelter in the schoolhouse and watched their cabin tumble into the flood waters. All they found was the stitched sampler, “Bless Our Home.” Their two-year-old girl was Sue’s grandmother.

Franni gave us cards with a flower name on them and asked us to introduce ourselves as the flower. Ted, Harry, Lisa, Sharon, Kristine, and Amie all gave us a flowerful moment.

Please join us for our next meeting on May 15th or our Guest Night on May 29th!

Laura, Club Secretary

April 17 – Guest Night

Written May 8th, 2012
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Our theme was Guest Night, and we will be having another Guest Night on May 29th as well. Our Grammarian Don’s Word of the Day was “egregious.” Our Tip of the Day was done by Karen who told us that the evaluations are the heart of Toastmasters. Bill, our Toastmaster, introduced our speakers.

Mark told us about Donald Sadoway, who says to solve the first problem first. With electricity, we can generate it but we can’t store it on a large scale. Sadoway invented a liquid metal battery made from magnesium, salt, and antimony. Used for stationary applications only, it is 3-5 years before it will be in production.

Amie described the Moisture Festival, a free-form vaudeville show with no story and no directors. There were 126 acts including jugglers, buffoons, aerialists, and Godfrey Daniels, an eight-foot puppet playing with a red balloon. You can see him here:

Kristine asked us to choose an item from the bag and then explain to an imaginary International guest what the item does. Sue, Bridget, Jacki, Lisa, Laura, and Judy all tried to explain a technological gadget to a foreigner.

Our next meeting is May 1st. If you’re thinking about trying Toastmasters, please join us then!

Laura, Club Secretary

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