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June 5 – June Bugs

Written June 18th, 2012
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Our theme “June Bugs” was inspired by our Toastmaster Ted’s experience with bugs appearing on the windshield of his truck, as tends to happen this time of year. Also serving as our Jokemaster, Ted asked us, “What makes a spider modern?” The answer – instead of a web, it has a website! Following this theme, Mary gave us our Word of the Day, “Entomology.”

Jacqueline described the challenges and negative connotations left-handed individuals experience in a right-handed world.

Amie discussed the educational track TM members go through and the accolades a club receives based on members accomplishments.  The completion of Amie’s speech grants TM Club 832 another year as “President’s Distinguished” club… and another ribbon.  Thanks Amie!

Sherry showed us how to prepare a simple and traditional Italian salad.  To remember the three main ingredients in the Insalata Caprese just think of the Italian flag; red for tomato, white for mozzarella, and green for basil.

Bridget continued our “June Bugs” theme by asking various table topics speakers to identify their scariest to most appetizing bug. Our new member Jeff and our guest Mike volunteered to contribute stories – congratulations to both of them!

Our next meeting on June 19th is the end of our Toastmasters year with thanks to our outgoing officers and the installation of our incoming officers. We would love for you to join us for this meeting!

Laura, outgoing Club Secretary, and Lisa, incoming Club Secretary

May 29 – Achieving Goals / Guest Night

Written June 18th, 2012
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking, Special Events, Toastmasters International

Sherry was our Toastmaster for a very special club meeting with the theme “Achieving Goals.” Mark gave a speech on “Creating the Best Club Climate” that completed his projects for the Advanced Leader Bronze award. With his Competent Leader and Advanced Communicator Bronze awards already done, Mark accomplishes a Triple Crown this year.

Franni gave a speech on “How to Conduct Productive Meetings” that completed her projects for her Distinguished Toastmaster award, the highest award that Toastmasters International presents.

Mark and Franni’s awards are the results of years of participation in Toastmasters and illustrate what can be achieved in public speaking and leadership through the well-developed progression of Toastmasters projects.

We had many wonderful guests with us to celebrate the achievement of these goals! We hope you will join us soon and begin working towards your own goals in personal and professional development!

Laura, Club Secretary

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