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July 3 – Summer Blockbusters

Written July 10th, 2012
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Our Toastmaster, Mark, organized a fun theme around movie “Blockbusters” for the meeting.  Bridget continued the movie theme by inviting speakers to assimilate the word “McGuffin” (an object/event in a film that spurs the plot), into various speaking roles.

First speaker, Mary, shared about herself, family, and some interesting jobs in her first speech “All About Me.”

Second speaker, Franni, presented “The Director’s Cut of Toastmasters Options” speech which reviewed a Toastmaster’s plot… communication, with a leadership twist. Franni explained that the Director’s Cut is a combination of building communication and leadership skills in Toastmasters that produce an indefinite number of sequels.

During the Table Topics portion of the meeting, Karen asked volunteers to extemporaneously speak to the group for a minute as a Screenwriter trying to sell their movie idea.

The club was delighted to welcome two visiting guests and hope they enjoyed the cast of participants.  “That’s a wrap.”

Lisa, Club Secretary

June 19 – We Grow by Our Dreams

Written July 10th, 2012
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking, Toastmasters International

Our theme, “We Grow by Our Dreams” was selected by our Toastmaster, Sue, who shared that her public speaking skills have grown with each opportunity she has taken to speak. Mary gave us the Word of the Day “Oneirology” which is the scientific study of dreams.

First speaker, Karen, shared her experiences traveling to other countries and provided some tips for planning a vacation out of the country.

Second speaker, Sherry, offered insight into the characteristics of an introvert. For example, introverts are not necessarily shy, antisocial, or lack leadership abilities. Introverts just enjoy adequate time alone to consider their thoughts and recharge their energy.

Judy, our Table Topics Master, asked participants to quickly review a topic from the Toastmasters International monthly magazine and describe what the article was about in a minute.  Great job to our three guests who jumped in to participate!  We hope to see everyone at the next meeting.

Lisa, Club Secretary

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