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July 17 – An Attitude of Gratitude

Written August 18th, 2012
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An “Attitude of Gratitude” was the theme selected by our Toastmaster, Kristine Ashcraft. Studies show that one’s happiness improves by 25% with the act of just writing five items of gratitude once per week. Our Grammarian selected the word of the day “demeanor” and encouraged individuals to use the word in speaking roles.

“Help!  Kale has taken over my garden!” was the speech given by our first speaker, Bridget. Bridget suggested when our summer garden is overrun with kale we should consider making kale chips for an easy, healthy, and tasty snack. Kale is a “Superfood” and just one cup is packed with a daily allowance of vitamins A, C, and K.

Our second speaker, Laura encouraged us to visit her favorite summer destination close to home. The San Juan Islands is bustling with summer events and a few highlights include: the Pig War Picnic to commemorate the 1859 war between the British and U.S. over a pig dispute; the Fourth of July festivities on Friday Harbor, which were voted best in the region; and the sustainable lavender farm “Pelindaba” which translates to “Place of Great Gatherings” from Zulu.

During our Table Topics portion, our Table Topics Master Sue invited participants to extemporaneously deliver a “Thank You” letter, similar to the segment on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.  Sherry started table topics off by thanking her English teachers for having to memorizing things she still has no understanding of.  And other members and guests had fun in giving thanks for random subjects that included inventions, the reverse commute, and a foreign language.

My thanks to everyone for another GREAT meeting!

Lisa, Club Secretary

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