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Coming Up October 30 – Tales from the Hearth

Our annual Tales from the Hearth meeting is Tuesday, October 30! All are welcome to visit and hear scary tales, sample spooky snacks and get in the “spirit” for Halloween. It’s a bit different from our usual meetings, but always lots of fun. Bring a guest, guy or ghoul! 6:30 at the Kenney.

October 2 – Pets on Parade

Written October 13th, 2012
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Our Toastmaster, Ted, chose “Pets on Parade” for the meeting theme. Sherry’s Word of the Day was “menagerie,” and with that, our own diverse and exotic group of speakers leaped into their various roles.

Bridget’s speech title was “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” Nutritional science has caught up with this old saying. While it might not be literally true, Bridget told us about many of the health benefits of the humble apple. From vitamin C and fiber, to flavanoids and pectin, new research shows that apples may promise protection from cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. And they taste good. No wonder Bridget’s shopping basket always contains apples!

Sandra’s Icebreaker speech was entitled “My Journey.” Sandra shared her journey from Bogota, to Miami, to the Seattle area. Her early life was full of dancing, celebrations, coffee, and the little villages in the mountains of Columbia. In Seattle she has found coffee and mountains, as well as a dancing partner to celebrate life.

Our third speaker, Vance, told us about his job at a steel mill where he works in a lab, mainly by himself. He recently joined a steering team and will be giving safety information to audiences who may not be that happy to be there. His first experience speaking led him to our Toastmasters club for more practice and further skills. Just say the word, Vance, and we’ll be happy to scowl on demand for you. Otherwise, we’ll just be smiling as usual.

During the Table Topics (extemporaneous) portion of the meeting, Franni asked volunteers to each answer a pet question. Three volunteers came up with fun answers, including one guest, who said if he were asked to participate in a neighborhood pet parade he would have to borrow the neighbor’s cat Pumpkin, and dress him as… a pumpkin.

We welcomed three guests.

See you at the next meeting, Oct. 16, and the Halloween meeting Oct. 30, “Tales of the Hearth!”

Sue, Past President

Contest Winners

On September 4, we held our club Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. On the speech front, Mark Morden came out on top with his speech on crossing the street in Italy entitled “When in Rome.”  Bill Higbee came in second with his description on how he and his wife handle disagreements with a bet entitled “You Were Right. I Was Wrong.”

Laura Grove (pictured at right) won the club Table Topics contest answering the question ”We live in a world of rules. What one rule do you want to eliminate and why?” Laura would eliminate the strange rule of people lining up for the bus. Judy Dunn came in second with eliminating the prohibition on wine in her 24-day diet.

Unfortunately neither of our club speech winners were available to compete in the next contest, but Laura went on to the Area 43 contest and took First Place in Table Topics! The question was “What did you do when you were a kid that got you in the most trouble?” Laura’s answer was when she had locked herself out of her house, she enlisted the aid of a neighbor who set up a plank to get to a window. Her parents weren’t thrilled with Laura or the neighbor.

She represented our club in the contest and will now represent our Area, 43, in the Division D contest on Saturday, Oct. 27, 1 pm at the ERAC building in Burien.

Another member of our club, Dave Kietzke, won Second Place in the Table Topics Contest. Dave was representing his second club, Daystar Dialoguers, in the Table Topics Contest. Should Laura be unable to attend the Division D contest for any reason, Dave would become the Area 43 representative.

Congratulations to all who took the next step to develop their speaking skills and entered the contest. And best of luck to Laura on the 27th-come on out and cheer her on!


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