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February 5 – Curling up with a Good Book

Written March 8th, 2013
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121106PhilshorterThis meeting’s theme, developed by Toastmaster Kristine, was all about books. Nothing’s better than hunkering down with a good book on a cool February evening—except maybe attending a Toastmasters meeting!

Our first speaker, Laura, regaled us with the many practical jokes she and her former co-workers would play on each other. Most of them have moved on to other positions, but all fondly remember that fun work environment and their times together.

Our second speaker, Amie, described her joy at discovering a new artist. Carol Saylor is a painter who gradually turned to sculpture due to her progressive deafness and blindness.

Table Topics Master Phil brought in several of his antique books and asked participants to extemporaneously tell the audience a something about the historical materials contained in his various volumes.

We had an amazing number of guests-nine! And several joined! One of the guests was former member Joel. It was great to see him return.

We’d love to welcome YOU as a guest at the next meeting. Why not pencil it in your book?

Table Topics Master Phil, explaining how to participate in the session. Photo courtesy Ed Plikaytis.

Speaker’s Corner: A Quick Conversation with a West Seattle Toastmaster

Written March 5th, 2013
Categories: Featured Member, Public Speaking, Toastmasters International


Amie Pease

Member since 2008, Awarded the Toastmaster Triple Crown
Area 43 Governor 2012-2013

What surprised you about your Toastmasters club?

I joined Toastmasters for professional reasons. I had planned to suffer my way through a month or two, get my continuing education credits then do my best to pretend it never happened. I never expected I would find such a great group of fun loving folks, or that I would actually enjoy having my speeches evaluated, out loud, in front of the group.

What are you reading/listening to/watching that you would recommend?

I highly recommend Coursera, the website where you can take classes from major Universities for free. I’ve been watching classroom lectures on line and reading up on factoids that interest me. I’ve picked up several interesting tidbits that can be crafted into Toastmasters speeches.

Do you still get nervous when you speak?

Yes. Every time. I hope that I continue to get nervous too. I use my nerves to identify areas that I need to focus on and improve. It’s important to remember that those butterflies in your stomach aren’t going to be released in a flutter, but set free one at a time.

Amie is pictured above presenting an entertaining speech. Photo courtesy Ed Plikaytis.

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