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March 19 – Spring is Right Around the Corner

Written April 21st, 2013
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking, Toastmasters International

KarenL02It’s hard not to get excited about Spring in Seattle and Toastmaster Ted made the meeting all about that excitement. Our guests were treated to a great meeting run by an expert Toastmaster.

New member Erin gave her first speech, her “Icebreaker.” She shared about her love to read and how  Joseph Campbell’s book The Power of Myth sparked her interest in philosophy. As a philosopher, Erin shared her that life is about putting effort in; to try and try hard.

Sandra dispelled some common myths about her home country, Columbia. She spoke on the beauty, typography, ethnic diversity and the many Columbian festivals. It is more than the bad news you hear from the media.

In a well-researched speech, Laura recounted the construction history of the current West Seattle bridge. Events involved an insider bid scandal that resulted in a federal investigation and conviction. There was even a petition of West Seattle residents to cede from Seattle!

Tabletopics Master Karen had us pull an item from her bag and reveal how we had found it during Spring Cleaning.

And we inducted four new members!

Karen is amazed by the Tabletopics responses. Photo courtesy Ed Plikaytis.

March 5 – Time!

Written April 4th, 2013
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking, Toastmasters International

121106VanceAOur first meeting in March was all about Time. Toastmaster Franni developed the theme around daylight savings time and participants took it from there!

Our first speaker, Vance, shared his lessons learned as a motorcyclist and general advice on sharing the road. He concluded with the thought that sometimes it’s better to just take the bus.

Mark educated us on the origin of a few words in our daily vocabulary. His speech structure was as interesting as his topic.

One of our newer members, Lance, made us think we were in for a speech on music appreciation, but instead turned it into a story of how he met his wife.

Judy used a grab bag to conduct the table topics session. Participants pulled out an item and had to tell about the “time” they last used it—all off the top of their heads!

A variety of speeches and a variety of table topic responses made for a great “time.” Make some time to visit our next meeting.

Vance gives us some tips on sharing the road with motorcycles. Photo courtesy Ed Plikaytis.

February 19 – Club International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Written April 3rd, 2013
Categories: Meetings, Special Events, Speech Contest, Toastmasters International

winners_600Our recent club contest offered the opportunity for members to compete in a friendly environment, while challenging themselves. This particular contest included the International Speech Contest — speeches along an inspirational vein — and an Evaluation Contest.

The Speech Contest was held first. Competitor Franni’s speech “The Next Chapter,” compared the phases of her life to book chapters. Competitor Kristine compared life’s many distractions to squirrels and explained how she eliminated these distractions in a recent vacation.

In the Evaluation Contest, test speaker Joy spoke on leadership values. Afterward, evaluators Laura, Judy and Phil offered constructive criticism on her presentation.

Congratulations to first place winners Franni and Laura and to all the competitors!

Speech winners, above left and evaluation winners, below left. Ted judges the competition, below. Photos courtesy Ed Plikaytis.


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