We’ve Moved! Visit us at Emeritus Senior Living

New Meeting Location, Merrill Gardens

New Meeting Location, Merrill Gardens

We are no longer meeting at The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW., in West Seattle

We now meet at Emeritus Senior Living, 4611 35th Ave SW, in West Seattle

We must say goodbye to The Kenney and the wonderful people there. A change in their schedule means that our 1st and 3rd (and sometimes 5th) of the month Tuesday night 6:30 slot is no longer available. We have been lucky enough to be able to move our meeting location to Emeritus Senior Living. A very large thank you to the Kenney for the beautiful meeting space and all the help we have received there over the years. It’s been great! And thank you to Emeritus for a gracious welcome.



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