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August 20th – Magic

Written August 29th, 2013
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New inducteesToastmaster Valorie brought magic to our evening, swinging her magic wand.  Here’s what she wrought:

In “Bravery is in the Eye of the Beholder,” Amie spoke about one of the things she does that others regard as bravery.  In turn, she got our hands up and waving as she toasted three women that are truly brave.

For his second speech, “No Matter What We Are Never Going Back,” Thomas spoke about the level of anxiety everyone feels about the economy and the recovery. He presented economic indicators (men’s underwear?) and a historical context to the economic cycle.


Lisa J. with “Just do it and magic will happen,” described all of the great benefits you can get from volunteering. She referenced the animal rescue group that she volunteers with, and all of the opportunities available.

To round out the magic, three new members were inducted into our club.  Are you next?  Come find your own magic!

Happy New Inductees

Podcast interview with Dr. Andrew Hill

Written August 22nd, 2013
Categories: Public Speaking

From our SAA, Lance:

I recently stumbled across this podcast of an interview with Dr. Andrew Hill, a neuroscientist who talks about ideas for controlling our brains and actions to help overcome stage fright in public speaking.  It gets into territory that some people may find a little “out there” (neuroscience, biofeedback, mindfulness and whatnot…), but I found it very informative and consistent with experiences I’ve had when speaking. I’ll be using some of what I learned from listening to the interview in my next presentation, and I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with public speaking jitters.

7 habits of highly successful speakers

Written August 19th, 2013
Categories: Public Speaking

Great tips from speech coach and Seattle Toastmaster Michelle Mazur:

Brought to you by our president, Mark. Thanks Mark!

July 16th – Summer Lovin’

Written August 8th, 2013
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking, Toastmasters International

Emily on India Have you ever wanted to give someone advice, but unsure how to do it? One of our senior speakers gave a speech on just the topic! Bruce’s niece was just accepted to a prestigious business school. He wanted to offer her much more than a simple “Congratulations,” and he did just that. He offered valuable advice about what she will bring to the business world as well as what she can get out of it.

Giving her fourth speech, Emily spoke about the phases of culture shock and entertained us by using examples from her trip to India.

Also on her fourth speech, Sandra offered advice on trying to be an agent of change, and when in a heated situation always stay calm. She reminded us that trying to get someone to change their behavior is one of the hardest things to do.

Our Table Topics master, Judy, did something a little different:  she played 20 seconds of a song, her choices in line with our Summer Lovin’ theme. Participates responded with a memory, comment or keep singing!!

Our three guests enjoyed themselves, one of them even singing a song in table topics!

Why don’t you join us at our next meeting?  Don’t worry – we won’t make you sing.  Unless you want to!

Emily giving her fourth speech.  Photo courtesy Ed Plikaytis.

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