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October 15 – Oktoberfest!

Written October 24th, 2013
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JohnSandra101513sIn October, beer is king and our own king, Toastmaster Don, got us thinking about the beer (or whatever) we were going to have after the meeting.

In her Icebreaker “Parts Unknown”, Christine spoke about her chosen adventurous career working on ships, the countless places she has traveled to and the good & bad cuisine she has tried.

Although Sandra isn’t much of a beer drinker, with her speech #5 “Vitamin B, Why Beer is Good for Health”, she made the case with 7 points of why beer is good for you.  If all else fails you can always pour it on your hair for strength and shine.

Last January Valorie had the great idea to transition into a runner. During her very entertaining  Entertaining Speech #1,  “See Valorie Run”, she talked about the process she went through to achieve her goals and the thrills of running a 10k and half marathon in Disney Land WITH HER MOM!

Table topics master Kristine challenged the ‘volunteers’ to tell a story based on random photos she picked out from the newspaper. We only had time for three, but wow – you just never know what will happen in Table Topics!

For our next meeting we are taking advantage of a fifth Tuesday with one of our favorite themes, “Tales from the Hearth”.  It will be hair-raising.  See you there!

Speaker Sandra and evaluator John

Less is More

Written October 8th, 2013
Categories: Public Speaking

From our SAA, Lance:

Slowing down and observing the “less is more” rule of thumb is something I’m constantly struggling with in my speaking. In this Forbes article by Nick Morgan, he does a great job (in very few words, I might add) of touching on the basics and then introducing the concept of making an emotional connection with your audience.

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