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October 29 – Tales from the Hearth

Written December 10th, 2013
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TomPhilBugHatThe end of October brings with it the scary, weird and wonderful.  Toastmaster Bruce got us started in the right direction with that overview of what Tales from the Hearth is all about.

Karen brought her rational and irrational fears to life with her speech #5 “What are YOU afraid of?”, as she asked the audience to consider their own fears.

Inspiring all of us, Tom talked about what inspires him with his speaking in his speech #3 “Two Hours and Two + Minutes” and the magic of getting to the point.

Sherry rounded out the evening with her speech from the Story Telling Manual (the folk tale) “The Cougar”. She had the audience’s full attention as she cautioned the BYU parents from the incoming class of the BYU cougar and her brush with fictional death.  OOO SCARY!

Table topics master Valorie kept us going with our “Tales” theme by asking her ‘volunteers’ about their Halloween memories.

We love our themes!  Come and experience our next one.

Just another night at 832 with Tom and Phil

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