April 1st – Club 832 Anniversary – No fooling

Written April 9th, 2014
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Our resident historian and Toastmaster for the evening, Phil, brought stories, pictures, and puns to keep us on our toes on our 64th anniversary.

For ‘Speaking after Dinner- the Entertaining Speaker’ #5 speech, Mark gave a very dynamic speech using both visuals and audio. He spoke about how Joseph Haydn composed and choreographed his 45th symphony to gently but effectively persuade his employers that it was time to go home.  A great story entertainingly told.

Brig, for his Speech #7, researched and presented “The U.S. government 101- checks and balances”.  He gave an overview of the three branches of government: Congress, Executive and Judicial, and how they each have certain powers that keep any branch from having too much power over the others.  He made it clearer than any 9th grade civics class.

Emily used her speech #9 to convince us of “The Necessity of SNAP”.  She illustrated the statistics of food insecurity in the U.S. by having members stand to signify the issue. Emily gave a broad overview of the issue by using statistics in terms of volume and need, addressed two commonly held misconceptions and gave the numerical cost of inaction.  We are ready to write our congressmen.

Table topics master Sue slyly used the anniversary theme to challenge the speakers to take on a persona that wanted to make a change in their life.  Wow – it was indescribably fun!

Our next meeting, April 15th, is tax day.  Get those forms sent off and come on down.  See you there!

Old and distinguished

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