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April 15 – Easter Baskets

Written May 4th, 2014
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Toastmaster Laura entreated us to remember our fondest Easter basket memories while keeping the meeting going without a hitch.

Our first speaker of the night, Kerry, gave her speech #2 “Gems of Pranayama”.  Kerry has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years! She shared three very important tips when learning the practice. The three tips and themes that she eloquently spoke about were: 1) it’s never too early to being to learn about breath, 2) there are worlds in your breath and 3) your greatest gift is breath.

Mark gave speech #4 from the Special Occasion manual, “The Golden Crane Award” in which he presented an award to, well, Mark at the New York Origami conference. He spoke about the all of the accomplishments of Puget Area Paper folding Enthusiasts Roundtable (PAPER) which has hosted two international conferences and four international art exhibits. He gave a great overview of his accomplishments and dedication to the art of origami.

Next up, Emily inspired us with her 10th speech “The Fun Club”.  She spoke about two children that she volunteers with nearly every week and how they created the fun club to learn new skills, keep an open mind, briefly forget the stresses of life and of course have fun! She spoke about some of the annual events in which they participated, and how they can deflect days that may not have gone so well and remember the good.

Emily completed her CC manual with that speech.  Congrats on being a Competent Communicator!

Continuing the theme for the meeting, Table Topics Master Brig had the unsuspecting volunteers describe Easter goodies in a bag without looking at them.   Chocolate never sounded so good!

On April 29th, we had an extra April meeting in which we conducted a speech-a-thon!  Five amazing speeches that I hope you did not miss but if you did, come on down and catch the next set.

Our meeting on May 6th is bound to inspire, amaze, and of course make you laugh.  See you there!

Emily holding her CC ribbon and a chocolate egg.

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