May 6th – Beach Bums

Written June 19th, 2014
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Toastmaster Bruce’s theme got us all dreaming of warmer climes (or at least got ME dreaming of warmer climes.)  But alas, we had a meeting that night and a great meeting it was.

We had two Ice Breakers, which are always fun.  First up, Marja recounted how her career has taken her from being a tug boat captain to a cruise captain. Now she spends her time on land as the Director for the Work Boat Academy.

Next up, Kate shared that while researching possible careers she was able to find dentistry which is the perfect combination of science, helping others and art. Art? She gave specific examples of how she uses each of these skill sets to help her patients’ every day. She is living her passion!

Speaking of passion, Phil gave Speech #5 from Persuasive Speaking, “The Case for Religious Passion.”  The audience was a group of Christian leaders for which Phil beautifully laid out the church’s ills and how to fix them.

Three new members were inducted so we have three new Ice Breakers in our future!

Come see us at our next meeting.  It is always entertaining!

New members Scott, Christina, and Kate

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