Deconstructing The 2014 World Championship Speech

Written October 12th, 2014
Categories: Public Speaking, Speaking Tips, Toastmasters International

dananjaya hettiarachchiDananjaya Hettiarachchi, of Sri Lanka, is the 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking. Mr. Hettiarachchi was crowned champ at the recent international Toastmasters conference, which was held in Kuala Lampur. The speech was titled “I See Something,” and he shared how the various people in his past inspired him to achieve more in life. In this article The Best Speaker in the World; Deconstruction of a Champion’s Presentation you can view a video of the speech after which the author highlights four aspects of the speech and why they are effective. One more thing to note is how Hettiarachchi uses the circle back technique to close his talk. He opens the speech with the flower and then circles back to the flower at the end to provide closure. 

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