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Humorous Speech & Table Topics pictures are in!

Written September 29th, 2015
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Supporters20150925a1 Courtesy of West Seattle 832 Club’s official photographer, Ed Plkikaytis we have some fabulous photos to share from the recent Area Humorous Speech & Table Topics contest where Franni Turean came in first, Mark Morden was a runner up for the Humorous Speech contest and Christine Klimkowski came in first and John LeCompte was a runner up in the Table Topics contest. Way to go! Next stop is the District contest to be held at the Kent Senior Center. Join us in support of West Seattle Toastmaster members Franni Turean and Christine Klimkowski take on the District Competition!! We have a very talented group of public speakers in the West Seattle 832 Club where we encourage practice, support, laughter and lots of applause for one another. Thank you to everyone for their support and participation.

John20150925a1 Christine20150925b Franni20150925a2

How Anyone Can Become a Good Public Speaker

Written September 23rd, 2015
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body_language_-_female_speakerIf you can talk to one person, you can talk to an audience of thousands according to a Time magazine article (I particularly like their point #3! Shout out to Toastmasters!!).

About ten years ago I could barely stand in front of an audience of more than five people and today I’m a corporate trainer and a member of Toastmasters West Seattle. If I can do it, anyone can! I continue to hone my skills and practice through Toastmaster meetings.

Sarah Mackay

West Seattle Toastmaster member


7 Tips to become a great public speaker

Written September 8th, 2015
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111978-109778I recently came across this article via the Forbes’ website, ‘7 Tips to Become a Great Public Speaker‘. It’s short and sweet and provides useful tips by world-renowned speaker, Carmine Gallo who writes about success, leadership and communication. Enjoy!

Laughter is the best medicine

Written September 3rd, 2015
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humor-speech-contest-ideasAfter a long day of work, laughter is often the best medicine.

Join us on September 15th at 6:30pm at Brookdale West Seattle, 4611 35th Ave SW for our annual Fall Speech Contest, the Humorous Speech where you’ll roar with laughter and have some good-ole knee-slapping fun as you watch Toastmaster members compete for the biggest laugh.

The West Seattle 832 Toastmasters Club enjoys a good laugh, which is why our fall speech, the Humorous Speech is so highly anticipated.  All Toastmaster members are welcome to test their ability to bring the house down with laughter! You must log-in and sign-up on the membership website page.

Longtime Toastmaster member, Franni Turean highly recommends the Humorous speech contest, which fits nicely into the bi-weekly Toastmaster meetings.

“I love contests, because as a competitor you get to push yourself. As a spectator, you get to see speakers giving their best speech, one they have worked on longer than a garden variety meeting speech. The speeches are still as in a regular meeting, 5-7 minutes long, and the whole contest fits right in the same block of time as our regular meeting, so it takes no extra time from my day. The Humorous Speech contest is my favorite of the entire year, because I get to be amused for the whole event! Way better than work”.

Test how many laughs can you fit into 5-7 minutes.






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