August 29 2017: Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests

Written September 3rd, 2017
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Our August 29, 2017 featured the annual Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests. Hosting two contests at once required just about everybody to pitch in, either as contestant or serving in another role. Kudos to us all for getting everything done!

The Humorous Speech Contest came first, with Phil, Emily, Randy and Greg each providing 5-to-7 minutes of original, amusing material. For the Table Topics contest, contestant Christine and John were asked the same question, and so each had to be sequestered in another room while the other spoke. It was interesting to see how different speakers handled the same question!

Contestants 2017-08-29


Randy and Christine scored highest in their respective contests. They, and 2nd-place finishers Emily and John, will go on to compete at the Area 43 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest, Monday October 2nd, starting 6:00 pm at the Kent Senior Center. Everyone is encouraged to attend this event, both to support our Club’s competitors and to enjoy an evening of award-winning speaking and laughs!


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