October 2: Club 832 Sweeps Area 43 Contest!

Written October 9th, 2017
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The Area 43 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest, Monday October 2nd, starting 6:00 pm at the Kent Senior Center, featured competitors from multiple clubs. It started with the opportunity to mingle and chat with Toastmasters from all over the District.

The first competition was Table Topics: each competitor was asked if they could have a dinner with anyone, with whom would it be and why? When the dust settled and the ballots were tallied, Christine won first place in Table Topics and John won 2nd.

Next came the Humorous Speech contest. When the laughter subsided, Randy won 1st place and Emily won 2nd. It was a clean sweep for our Club (surely a reflection on the quality of the evaluators and generally supportive atmosphere here! — ed).

Everyone is encouraged to attend this event, both to support our Club’s competitors and to enjoy an evening of award-winning speaking and laughs!

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