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Tales from the Hearth

Written October 26th, 2015
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TalesfromtheHearthToastmastersThe West Seattle 832 Toastmasters Club always likes to have a good time and our next meeting is no exception. Tuesday, November 3rd we will be having our Tales from the Hearth meeting. It will be full of tall tales, impromptu humor and suspense. Come listen to three engaging speeches! Join us on Tuesday, November 3rd at 6:30 pm at Brookdale West Seattle for our annual Tales from the Hearth Meeting. Everyone is always welcome!

Humorous Speech & Table Topics pictures are in!

Written September 29th, 2015
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Supporters20150925a1 Courtesy of West Seattle 832 Club’s official photographer, Ed Plkikaytis we have some fabulous photos to share from the recent Area Humorous Speech & Table Topics contest where Franni Turean came in first, Mark Morden was a runner up for the Humorous Speech contest and Christine Klimkowski came in first and John LeCompte was a runner up in the Table Topics contest. Way to go! Next stop is the District contest to be held at the Kent Senior Center. Join us in support of West Seattle Toastmaster members Franni Turean and Christine Klimkowski take on the District Competition!! We have a very talented group of public speakers in the West Seattle 832 Club where we encourage practice, support, laughter and lots of applause for one another. Thank you to everyone for their support and participation.

John20150925a1 Christine20150925b Franni20150925a2

Christmas Party 2014 – The Northern Lights

Written December 10th, 2014
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Fellow Toastmasters,Please join us for the West Seattle Toastmasters 832 Annual Holiday Potluck and White Elephant Gift Exchange! The party is next Tuesday, December 16, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, and it will take place of our usual meeting. Every member is welcome to bring one guest to the party.This year’s party will be held at Arrowhead Gardens, only a few minutes drive from our usual meeting location. Click this link for the directions to the facility.Please bring a dish or beverage to share, and a white elephant gift to exchange. (Hint: white elephant gifts can be funny, excentric & re-gifts. Wrapping should be good, present quality not as good!)If you haven’t done so already, please contact Brig Henry at brigbh@me.com, to let us know what dish/beverage you would like to bring. A reminder that beer and wine are fine, but please no hard-liquor or spirits.We look forward to seeing you all at the party!Your 2014 Holiday Party Committee

Natalia Rivera

Christine Takes Second!

Christine wins

Christine and her hardware

On Saturday evening, November 15, our Christine Klimkowski competed in the District 2 Table Topics contest. The question each of the seven contestants had to answer was, You’re on the Vegas strip and suddenly you are surrounded by a bunch of bad Elvis impersonators all singing a different song. What happens next in the story? Christine wove a tale of her sailor buddies joining her to sing Elvis songs back at the impersonators, just louder and more out of tune. They eventually drowned out and defeated the bad Elvises — or is it Elvii?

When the voting was announced, Christine had take second place. This puts her in the top 2 (or top 0.053 %) of the more than 3800 members in ~185 clubs in District 2. Well done!

Christine had her own rooting section at the conference: Phil, Amie, Emily, Franni, Laura, Valorie, and Mark were in attendance to cheer her on. Next time you see her, give Christine a big congratulations on her success.

The West Seattle Club 832 contingent, l to r: Phil, Amie, Emily, Christine, Franni, Laura, Valorie, Mark

Enjoy the Toastmasters International Convention from Home

Written August 19th, 2014
Categories: Public Speaking, Special Events, Toastmasters International


The 2014 Toastmasters International Convention is being held this week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, starting on Thursday (Wednesday evening in Seattle). Unfortunately, Malaysia is not exactly a short drive or flight from Seattle. If you are disappointed at not being able to attend the ceremonies, learning sessions, and speech contest, worry no more! Toastmasters is offering a chance to watch the proceedings from the comfort of your own computer. Toastmasters On Demand is a service where you can pay a fee to follow the events. There are two options: you can stream the events live or watch them on-demand after the events are over. If you want to stream the events, keep in mind that Malaysia time is 15 hours ahead of Seattle. When the International Speech Contest begins at 9:00 am Saturday morning in Kuala Lumpur, it will be 6 pm Friday evening in Seattle. For the on-demand subscription, it appears that you can watch the videos an unlimited number of times. You also have access to videos of previous conventions.

Streaming the entire convention is $99. You can stream just the speech contest for only $29. The on-demand (A la Carte) content will be available starting August 25. Note that if you want to watch the opening ceremonies and similar events, those are only available via the full convention streaming package. These are the costs for the on-demand options.

  • Education Session 1-5 – $9.99/each
  • Semi-Finals 1-9 – $9.99/each
  • World Championship (Streaming) – $29.99
  • World Championship (DVD) – $29.99
  • World Championship Bundle (Streaming & DVD) – $39.99

For more information and the convention schedule of events, visit the Toastmasters On Demand website.

April 1st – Club 832 Anniversary – No fooling

Written April 9th, 2014
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Our resident historian and Toastmaster for the evening, Phil, brought stories, pictures, and puns to keep us on our toes on our 64th anniversary.

For ‘Speaking after Dinner- the Entertaining Speaker’ #5 speech, Mark gave a very dynamic speech using both visuals and audio. He spoke about how Joseph Haydn composed and choreographed his 45th symphony to gently but effectively persuade his employers that it was time to go home.  A great story entertainingly told.

Brig, for his Speech #7, researched and presented “The U.S. government 101- checks and balances”.  He gave an overview of the three branches of government: Congress, Executive and Judicial, and how they each have certain powers that keep any branch from having too much power over the others.  He made it clearer than any 9th grade civics class.

Emily used her speech #9 to convince us of “The Necessity of SNAP”.  She illustrated the statistics of food insecurity in the U.S. by having members stand to signify the issue. Emily gave a broad overview of the issue by using statistics in terms of volume and need, addressed two commonly held misconceptions and gave the numerical cost of inaction.  We are ready to write our congressmen.

Table topics master Sue slyly used the anniversary theme to challenge the speakers to take on a persona that wanted to make a change in their life.  Wow – it was indescribably fun!

Our next meeting, April 15th, is tax day.  Get those forms sent off and come on down.  See you there!

Old and distinguished

February 18 – And the Winners are…

ContestantsLook out Ellen D – it may not be the Oscars, but Toastmaster Valorie kept our International Speech and Evaluation contest rolling in her funny and sophisticated way.  Or is it her sophisticated and funny way?  It was a great night.  The speeches were intense and the evaluations invaluable.

Thanks to our talented contestants and all who contributed by filling roles and simply attending! Not to mention our chair Sandra who pulled it all together.

Winners Franni, Christine, Amie and John will be going on to the Area Contest on April 4th.  Congratulations!


Our intrepid contestants Lisa, Amie, Franni, Christine, John, and Judy

October 29 – Tales from the Hearth

Written December 10th, 2013
Categories: Meetings, Public Speaking, Special Events, Toastmasters International

TomPhilBugHatThe end of October brings with it the scary, weird and wonderful.  Toastmaster Bruce got us started in the right direction with that overview of what Tales from the Hearth is all about.

Karen brought her rational and irrational fears to life with her speech #5 “What are YOU afraid of?”, as she asked the audience to consider their own fears.

Inspiring all of us, Tom talked about what inspires him with his speaking in his speech #3 “Two Hours and Two + Minutes” and the magic of getting to the point.

Sherry rounded out the evening with her speech from the Story Telling Manual (the folk tale) “The Cougar”. She had the audience’s full attention as she cautioned the BYU parents from the incoming class of the BYU cougar and her brush with fictional death.  OOO SCARY!

Table topics master Valorie kept us going with our “Tales” theme by asking her ‘volunteers’ about their Halloween memories.

We love our themes!  Come and experience our next one.

Just another night at 832 with Tom and Phil

September 3rd – And The Winners Are…

Written September 11th, 2013
Categories: Public Speaking, Special Events, Speech Contest


With guidance from our very able toastmaster Sherry, we had a great time at the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest.  Thanks to our brave and funny contestants Lisa, Franni, Emily, Phil, Bruce and Don!

We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more.

Thanks to all for filling roles, attending, and making it a great night.

And the winners are:  Don for his Humorous Speech and Emily in Table Topics.  Congratulations to you both!


Our winners, Don and Emily.

We’ve Moved! Visit us at Emeritus Senior Living

New Meeting Location, Merrill Gardens

New Meeting Location, Merrill Gardens

We are no longer meeting at The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW., in West Seattle

We now meet at Emeritus Senior Living, 4611 35th Ave SW, in West Seattle

We must say goodbye to The Kenney and the wonderful people there. A change in their schedule means that our 1st and 3rd (and sometimes 5th) of the month Tuesday night 6:30 slot is no longer available. We have been lucky enough to be able to move our meeting location to Emeritus Senior Living. A very large thank you to the Kenney for the beautiful meeting space and all the help we have received there over the years. It’s been great! And thank you to Emeritus for a gracious welcome.



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