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April 30 – Speech-a-thon!

RuchiIcebreakerWhat a terrific Speech-a-thon! We had five back to back speakers: 4 Icebreakers and 1 advanced speech. There was something for everyone and Toastmaster Don held the meeting together like a pro.

In our first Icebreaker, Dom presented ” A Never Ending Story” where we learned he met the Pope, moved to the U.S. from the Philippines and worked for Boeing.

Lisa presented her Icebreaker entitled “Learning Adventures” which explained her love of learning, from landscape architecture design to mushrooms.

Ruchi explained her upbringing as a “nice” child and how that led to workforce challenges in her Icebreaker entitled “When Being Nice is NOT so Nice.”

Mike’s Icebreaker, “The Chicken Whisperer,” told of his journey from Queens, New York to the country in Vermont.

Mark presented a speech from The Entertaining Manual, an advanced project manual. Entitled “Don’t Cheat the Beginning,” he explained Frank Lloyd Wright’s design process on the Fallingwater home.

The wonderful thing about Toastmasters is the diversity of the membership and the variety of speech topics. This Speech-a-thon illustrated it perfectly.

Ruchi, one of the four Icebreaker presenters, displays her ribbon above.

February 19 – Club International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Written April 3rd, 2013
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winners_600Our recent club contest offered the opportunity for members to compete in a friendly environment, while challenging themselves. This particular contest included the International Speech Contest — speeches along an inspirational vein — and an Evaluation Contest.

The Speech Contest was held first. Competitor Franni’s speech “The Next Chapter,” compared the phases of her life to book chapters. Competitor Kristine compared life’s many distractions to squirrels and explained how she eliminated these distractions in a recent vacation.

In the Evaluation Contest, test speaker Joy spoke on leadership values. Afterward, evaluators Laura, Judy and Phil offered constructive criticism on her presentation.

Congratulations to first place winners Franni and Laura and to all the competitors!

Speech winners, above left and evaluation winners, below left. Ted judges the competition, below. Photos courtesy Ed Plikaytis.


Hats Off to Winter 2012

Written February 7th, 2013
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Fun and frolic with friends at our hat-themed holiday party.

All photos courtesy Ed Plikaytis, except for the shot of the photographer himself, courtesy Amie Pease.







October 30 – Tales from the Hearth

Written November 26th, 2012
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West Seattle Toastmasters Club 832 presented “Tales from the Hearth” our annual meeting to get us into the Halloween spirit. Our Toastmaster Bruce kept the evening fun and festive as he introduced the storytellers.

Our first storyteller Laura opened the evening with the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Laura reminded us to avoid eating someone’s house because it’s not polite and could be a trap. Storyteller Ted posed the question “What scares you?” and shared that fear from a though (of falling, failing, etc.) is based on what could happen. We are all fearful of something, as for Ted he is armed with a surplus of slurpee straw to take out any rabid monkeys. Storyteller Sue narrated the folklore of Bloody Mary; a sorceress said to have taken the blood of the living to attain her youth. Ritual states that one will summons the apparition of Mary by looking into a mirror and chanting the words Bloody Mary three times…if you dare.

Short Stories Master, Kristine asked our participants if they believe in the paranormal, and asked them to share an interesting account of their tale for the evening. Dave shared his account of a mansion off an old country road. Kathleen shared her experience and interview with a true wizard. Franni relayed an urban legend of a babysitter creeped out from the life-size clown in the house. Don quoted us with some curious introductions from a writer contest, based on Edward Bulwer-Lytton famous “it was a dark and stormy night” introduction.

Of course, there was a tasty holiday spread. Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable evening, especially our meeting organizers and participants! —Lisa, Club Secretary

Pictured above from right: Kathleen, Franni, Don and Karen. Photo courtesy Ed Plikaytis.


Coming Up October 30 – Tales from the Hearth

Our annual Tales from the Hearth meeting is Tuesday, October 30! All are welcome to visit and hear scary tales, sample spooky snacks and get in the “spirit” for Halloween. It’s a bit different from our usual meetings, but always lots of fun. Bring a guest, guy or ghoul! 6:30 at the Kenney.

Contest Winners

On September 4, we held our club Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. On the speech front, Mark Morden came out on top with his speech on crossing the street in Italy entitled “When in Rome.”  Bill Higbee came in second with his description on how he and his wife handle disagreements with a bet entitled “You Were Right. I Was Wrong.”

Laura Grove (pictured at right) won the club Table Topics contest answering the question ”We live in a world of rules. What one rule do you want to eliminate and why?” Laura would eliminate the strange rule of people lining up for the bus. Judy Dunn came in second with eliminating the prohibition on wine in her 24-day diet.

Unfortunately neither of our club speech winners were available to compete in the next contest, but Laura went on to the Area 43 contest and took First Place in Table Topics! The question was “What did you do when you were a kid that got you in the most trouble?” Laura’s answer was when she had locked herself out of her house, she enlisted the aid of a neighbor who set up a plank to get to a window. Her parents weren’t thrilled with Laura or the neighbor.

She represented our club in the contest and will now represent our Area, 43, in the Division D contest on Saturday, Oct. 27, 1 pm at the ERAC building in Burien.

Another member of our club, Dave Kietzke, won Second Place in the Table Topics Contest. Dave was representing his second club, Daystar Dialoguers, in the Table Topics Contest. Should Laura be unable to attend the Division D contest for any reason, Dave would become the Area 43 representative.

Congratulations to all who took the next step to develop their speaking skills and entered the contest. And best of luck to Laura on the 27th-come on out and cheer her on!


June 5 – June Bugs

Written June 18th, 2012
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Our theme “June Bugs” was inspired by our Toastmaster Ted’s experience with bugs appearing on the windshield of his truck, as tends to happen this time of year. Also serving as our Jokemaster, Ted asked us, “What makes a spider modern?” The answer – instead of a web, it has a website! Following this theme, Mary gave us our Word of the Day, “Entomology.”

Jacqueline described the challenges and negative connotations left-handed individuals experience in a right-handed world.

Amie discussed the educational track TM members go through and the accolades a club receives based on members accomplishments.  The completion of Amie’s speech grants TM Club 832 another year as “President’s Distinguished” club… and another ribbon.  Thanks Amie!

Sherry showed us how to prepare a simple and traditional Italian salad.  To remember the three main ingredients in the Insalata Caprese just think of the Italian flag; red for tomato, white for mozzarella, and green for basil.

Bridget continued our “June Bugs” theme by asking various table topics speakers to identify their scariest to most appetizing bug. Our new member Jeff and our guest Mike volunteered to contribute stories – congratulations to both of them!

Our next meeting on June 19th is the end of our Toastmasters year with thanks to our outgoing officers and the installation of our incoming officers. We would love for you to join us for this meeting!

Laura, outgoing Club Secretary, and Lisa, incoming Club Secretary

May 29 – Achieving Goals / Guest Night

Written June 18th, 2012
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Sherry was our Toastmaster for a very special club meeting with the theme “Achieving Goals.” Mark gave a speech on “Creating the Best Club Climate” that completed his projects for the Advanced Leader Bronze award. With his Competent Leader and Advanced Communicator Bronze awards already done, Mark accomplishes a Triple Crown this year.

Franni gave a speech on “How to Conduct Productive Meetings” that completed her projects for her Distinguished Toastmaster award, the highest award that Toastmasters International presents.

Mark and Franni’s awards are the results of years of participation in Toastmasters and illustrate what can be achieved in public speaking and leadership through the well-developed progression of Toastmasters projects.

We had many wonderful guests with us to celebrate the achievement of these goals! We hope you will join us soon and begin working towards your own goals in personal and professional development!

Laura, Club Secretary

May 15 – Officer Elections

Our theme was “Officer Elections” as this is the time of year we bring on our new Officer team! Our Toastmaster Jacqueline encouraged us to vote in our club’s elections, and also in our country’s elections. The Tip of the Day was brought to us by Toastmaster Magazine, one of the perks of Toastmasters membership. Laura described the great articles in the May issue. Mary, as our Grammarian, gave us “Quiddity” as the Word of the Day.

Mark explained to us how to compose and deliver an effective evaluation by commenting on technical proficiency and making suggestions for improvement. The goal is to express the listener’s pleasure in hearing the speech and build the speaker’s self-esteem.

Amie demonstrated different vocal styles, and recommended that we listen to a recording of ourselves. She gave us many useful suggestions on how to moderate the sound of our voice in our speeches.

Sue told us about Otto Knab who escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Elderly and living in a nursing home, he was visited by a dear friend. When the nurse told his family about the friend they could not explain it – the friend had died in 1942, executed by the Nazis.

For our extemporaneous speaking segment, Theresa gave us a theme and an iPad to shake to get three words to use in our table topic speech. Don, Richard, Bill, and Laura all took the iPad out for a spin.

We would love to see lots of guests at our Guest Night on May 29th!

Laura, Club Secretary

May 29th Guest Night – Maximize Your Meetings: How to Conduct Productive Meetings

Written May 24th, 2012
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All of us have to conduct a meeting at some point: a PTA meeting, a neighborhood block meeting or a special event honoring a friend. Award-winning speaker Franni Turean will present a workshop that helps participants develop their creative thinking abilities and then direct those abilities to leading great meetings. Plus a bonus presentation by Mark Morden on creating a positive climate for your meeting.

Although this isn’t a typical Toastmasters meeting, it’s your chance to see two very advanced speakers completing their educational goals. Franni’s presentation will run approximately 1 hour, Mark’s will run approximately 20 minutes. Due to time constraints we will not have all of the pieces of the meetings that we usually have, forgoing the joke, tip of the day and table topics. We will however have two great evaluators, Kristine Ashcraft and Sue Cook, and an accomplished General Evaluator, Don Gorman. This meeting is not to be missed.

Light refreshments will be on hand.

Attend this special Guest Night-all are welcome! 6:30-8pm

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