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Humorous Speech & Table Topics pictures are in!

Written September 29th, 2015
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Supporters20150925a1 Courtesy of West Seattle 832 Club’s official photographer, Ed Plkikaytis we have some fabulous photos to share from the recent Area Humorous Speech & Table Topics contest where Franni Turean came in first, Mark Morden was a runner up for the Humorous Speech contest and Christine Klimkowski came in first and John LeCompte was a runner up in the Table Topics contest. Way to go! Next stop is the District contest to be held at the Kent Senior Center. Join us in support of West Seattle Toastmaster members Franni Turean and Christine Klimkowski take on the District Competition!! We have a very talented group of public speakers in the West Seattle 832 Club where we encourage practice, support, laughter and lots of applause for one another. Thank you to everyone for their support and participation.

John20150925a1 Christine20150925b Franni20150925a2

Laughter is the best medicine

Written September 3rd, 2015
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humor-speech-contest-ideasAfter a long day of work, laughter is often the best medicine.

Join us on September 15th at 6:30pm at Brookdale West Seattle, 4611 35th Ave SW for our annual Fall Speech Contest, the Humorous Speech where you’ll roar with laughter and have some good-ole knee-slapping fun as you watch Toastmaster members compete for the biggest laugh.

The West Seattle 832 Toastmasters Club enjoys a good laugh, which is why our fall speech, the Humorous Speech is so highly anticipated.  All Toastmaster members are welcome to test their ability to bring the house down with laughter! You must log-in and sign-up on the membership website page.

Longtime Toastmaster member, Franni Turean highly recommends the Humorous speech contest, which fits nicely into the bi-weekly Toastmaster meetings.

“I love contests, because as a competitor you get to push yourself. As a spectator, you get to see speakers giving their best speech, one they have worked on longer than a garden variety meeting speech. The speeches are still as in a regular meeting, 5-7 minutes long, and the whole contest fits right in the same block of time as our regular meeting, so it takes no extra time from my day. The Humorous Speech contest is my favorite of the entire year, because I get to be amused for the whole event! Way better than work”.

Test how many laughs can you fit into 5-7 minutes.






Christine Takes Second!

Christine wins

Christine and her hardware

On Saturday evening, November 15, our Christine Klimkowski competed in the District 2 Table Topics contest. The question each of the seven contestants had to answer was, You’re on the Vegas strip and suddenly you are surrounded by a bunch of bad Elvis impersonators all singing a different song. What happens next in the story? Christine wove a tale of her sailor buddies joining her to sing Elvis songs back at the impersonators, just louder and more out of tune. They eventually drowned out and defeated the bad Elvises — or is it Elvii?

When the voting was announced, Christine had take second place. This puts her in the top 2 (or top 0.053 %) of the more than 3800 members in ~185 clubs in District 2. Well done!

Christine had her own rooting section at the conference: Phil, Amie, Emily, Franni, Laura, Valorie, and Mark were in attendance to cheer her on. Next time you see her, give Christine a big congratulations on her success.

The West Seattle Club 832 contingent, l to r: Phil, Amie, Emily, Christine, Franni, Laura, Valorie, Mark

Congratulations, Christine!

Written October 12th, 2014
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Thursday, October 2, was the Area 43 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests. Our club had four contestants competing against representatives of the other Area 43 clubs. The winners were to advance to the Division level contests: Mark Morden and Phil Irvin in the speech contest and John LeCompte and Christine Klimkowski in the table topics contest. The table topics contest was a rematch between husband and wife, John and Christine. In our club contest, John was the victor. However, at the Area contest the tables were turned and Christine prevailed over all contestants. She was judged to have the best response to the question, “The $100: who uses it, and how is it used?” Christine will move on to compete on October 24 in the District D contest. John finished second. In the humorous speech contest, Mark and Phil faced stiff competition. While they both represented the club very well, neither was able to reach the winner’s podium.

Show Christine your support and attend the Division D contest on the 24th. Information about the location and time of the event can be found at this link to the District 2 webpage. Winners at the Division level will compete in the District 2 finals on November 15.

How to Add Humor to Your Speeches

Written July 27th, 2014
Categories: Public Speaking, Speaking Tips, Speech Contest

laughterIn September, our club will be having our Humorous Speech and Table Talks contests. Humor is a an important part of public speaking. If the audience is laughing, or at least mildly amused, they are on your side. A happy audience is a receptive audience. There are different writing techniques for adding humor to your speeches. This article, 10 Ways Academics Say Comedians Make Us Laugh, is a good start at understanding what will make an audience laugh.


February 18 – And the Winners are…

ContestantsLook out Ellen D – it may not be the Oscars, but Toastmaster Valorie kept our International Speech and Evaluation contest rolling in her funny and sophisticated way.  Or is it her sophisticated and funny way?  It was a great night.  The speeches were intense and the evaluations invaluable.

Thanks to our talented contestants and all who contributed by filling roles and simply attending! Not to mention our chair Sandra who pulled it all together.

Winners Franni, Christine, Amie and John will be going on to the Area Contest on April 4th.  Congratulations!


Our intrepid contestants Lisa, Amie, Franni, Christine, John, and Judy

September 17 – Back to School

Written September 30th, 2013
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John Table TopicsToastmaster Laura got us all thinking about the excitement of going back to school. What were the best memories?  New shoes…!

With her ice breaker “In Any 24 Hours, I Raise Money, Dogs, and Flowers” Brigid shared her passions of professionally raising money, enjoying her dogs and learning to garden in the Pacific Northwest.

Emily, doing speech #5 asks the question, “What the Heck is Arbejdsglaede?!”  Look it up!  No, just kidding.  Emily described the Scandinavian word that translates to happiness at work, and how everyone can take small steps to make their workplace a bit more enjoyable.

For speech #3 from the ACS Manual Special Occasions, Mastering the Toast, Mark gave the toast he recently gave as Father of the Groom.  He related a story to make his point “this too shall pass.” What??!  But it worked, and it was touching – you should have been there!

Table topics master Lisa had the ‘volunteers’ talking about various back to school memories (new shoes among them.  Really.)  Even one of our brave guests contributed!

Come find out what an Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest is all about.  Instead of our regular meeting on October 1st, we will be heading down to the ERAC building, 15675 Ambaum Boulevard SW in Burien.  Details at http://d2tm.org/ai1ec_event/area-43-humorous-speech-and-table-topics-contest/?instance_id=2152

See you there!

John amazes us with his table topic talk

September 3rd – And The Winners Are…

Written September 11th, 2013
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With guidance from our very able toastmaster Sherry, we had a great time at the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest.  Thanks to our brave and funny contestants Lisa, Franni, Emily, Phil, Bruce and Don!

We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more.

Thanks to all for filling roles, attending, and making it a great night.

And the winners are:  Don for his Humorous Speech and Emily in Table Topics.  Congratulations to you both!


Our winners, Don and Emily.

February 19 – Club International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Written April 3rd, 2013
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winners_600Our recent club contest offered the opportunity for members to compete in a friendly environment, while challenging themselves. This particular contest included the International Speech Contest — speeches along an inspirational vein — and an Evaluation Contest.

The Speech Contest was held first. Competitor Franni’s speech “The Next Chapter,” compared the phases of her life to book chapters. Competitor Kristine compared life’s many distractions to squirrels and explained how she eliminated these distractions in a recent vacation.

In the Evaluation Contest, test speaker Joy spoke on leadership values. Afterward, evaluators Laura, Judy and Phil offered constructive criticism on her presentation.

Congratulations to first place winners Franni and Laura and to all the competitors!

Speech winners, above left and evaluation winners, below left. Ted judges the competition, below. Photos courtesy Ed Plikaytis.


Contest Winners

On September 4, we held our club Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. On the speech front, Mark Morden came out on top with his speech on crossing the street in Italy entitled “When in Rome.”  Bill Higbee came in second with his description on how he and his wife handle disagreements with a bet entitled “You Were Right. I Was Wrong.”

Laura Grove (pictured at right) won the club Table Topics contest answering the question ”We live in a world of rules. What one rule do you want to eliminate and why?” Laura would eliminate the strange rule of people lining up for the bus. Judy Dunn came in second with eliminating the prohibition on wine in her 24-day diet.

Unfortunately neither of our club speech winners were available to compete in the next contest, but Laura went on to the Area 43 contest and took First Place in Table Topics! The question was “What did you do when you were a kid that got you in the most trouble?” Laura’s answer was when she had locked herself out of her house, she enlisted the aid of a neighbor who set up a plank to get to a window. Her parents weren’t thrilled with Laura or the neighbor.

She represented our club in the contest and will now represent our Area, 43, in the Division D contest on Saturday, Oct. 27, 1 pm at the ERAC building in Burien.

Another member of our club, Dave Kietzke, won Second Place in the Table Topics Contest. Dave was representing his second club, Daystar Dialoguers, in the Table Topics Contest. Should Laura be unable to attend the Division D contest for any reason, Dave would become the Area 43 representative.

Congratulations to all who took the next step to develop their speaking skills and entered the contest. And best of luck to Laura on the 27th-come on out and cheer her on!


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