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July 3 – Summer Blockbusters

Written July 10th, 2012
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Our Toastmaster, Mark, organized a fun theme around movie “Blockbusters” for the meeting.  Bridget continued the movie theme by inviting speakers to assimilate the word “McGuffin” (an object/event in a film that spurs the plot), into various speaking roles.

First speaker, Mary, shared about herself, family, and some interesting jobs in her first speech “All About Me.”

Second speaker, Franni, presented “The Director’s Cut of Toastmasters Options” speech which reviewed a Toastmaster’s plot… communication, with a leadership twist. Franni explained that the Director’s Cut is a combination of building communication and leadership skills in Toastmasters that produce an indefinite number of sequels.

During the Table Topics portion of the meeting, Karen asked volunteers to extemporaneously speak to the group for a minute as a Screenwriter trying to sell their movie idea.

The club was delighted to welcome two visiting guests and hope they enjoyed the cast of participants.  “That’s a wrap.”

Lisa, Club Secretary

Feb. 21 – Club Contest

Written February 26th, 2012
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International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Something new happened in the club’s history. Mark, Don, and I were the contestants in the Evaluation Contest. All three of us were disqualified for going over time, which means we spoke longer than 30 seconds after the timing light turned red. The anecdotal value of this event and its contribution to club lore may offset our disappointment that we can’t send anyone to the Area Contest to represent the club in that category now. (Mark won the most votes.) Well, we are all there to learn, and we were reminded that the contest rules are unforgiving on this point. (What are the odds that all three contestants would …!)

Our contestants for the International Speech Contest were Kathleen, Lisa, and Bill. Kathleen’s speech about the power of small change over time will stick in my memory. Thanks to her, I put a hula-hoop and Orange Glo on my shopping list. Lisa’s speech celebrated her first year in Toastmasters. She was terrified of speaking before a group when she started. Now she’s only frightened. I loved this funny speech that required her to read from her notes and cling to the podium, all the while we were inspired, as she is, to continue practicing to gain better skills and more confidence.

Bill, pictured above with his 1st place award, won the contest with his speech “The Luckiest Family on Earth.” Hearing this speech is something you just should not miss. And you have a chance to hear Bill’s speech when he represents our club at the Area 43 Contest.

The winners from all the clubs in Area 43 will compete on March 9th. 5:30 potluck dinner, 7:00 contest begins, at the Medical Arts Center in Renton, WA.­­­ All are welcome.

Thanks to Ted, the Contest Chair; Sherry, the Toastmaster; Franni, the Chief Judge; and Julie, our guest speaker. With their help we had a well-run and organized contest.

We had three guests. We love guests.

Our next meeting is March 6th.

Sue, Past President

832 Champs

Written November 7th, 2011
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Ted and Kathleen made 832 proud with their speech and table topics performances at the recent Division D Humorous Speech contest. Ted gave a speech on what to avoid during home improvements. Kathleen’s table topics speech followed how she wished she had known how to drive a manual transmission while parking on a hill. There were lots of laughs throughout the evening and Ted brought home a bronze! Excellent showing you two!

They’re Winners!

Written October 20th, 2011
Categories: Speech Contest

Congratulations to Ted Klainer and Kathleen Kinney who won the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests at the Area 43/46 Contest on Friday the 14th.  We look forward to cheering them on at the Division D Contest at ERAC in Burien on October 28th.  It helps the contestants to see familiar faces in the audience, so show up in full force and support them!

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